Polka dot skirt

This skirt is just fab. Its been in constant wear and wash rotations since I made it a few weeks ago. I just love it. The pattern is a freebie from Prima in December 2015 and is meant as a party skirt, but I’ve worn my (admittedly very party style skirt) to the cinema, to lunch, and even to work.


This pattern was a bit of a win win as the fabric very nearly ended up in the bin. I’ve had it just under 2 years and bought it especially to make a dress for an awards dinner. As I was cutting it out I noticed that the polka dots has been misprinted right in the centre front panel of the dress. I complained and got my money back, and tossed the scrap fabric I hadn’t cut into into my stash to be forgotten about until my latest stash busting exercise. With this in mind it was a bit of a punt to match the fabric to the skirt pattern, and I managed to squeeze it out of the fabric I had.IMG_0882

The pattern itself was mega easy as was probably a 1 hour make. I cut a size 14 and made no adjustment and didn’t do any measuring I just guessed at a size and went for it with the scissors! With only 3 main pattern pieces and a waistband it was super easy. I used super heavy weight interfacing for the waistband as I wanted it to have some structure, and I think I was a little over-optimistic as to how this would work it. The waistband is super structured which is fine until I sit down and it goes all wrinkly. I should probably also mention that a size 14 was probably a little small, and although it fits fine, I think adding an inch or so to the pattern would have made it a more comfortable wear. I also think that the length is a little borderline for work, but with thick tights I think its fine for the office. Next time I might add a couple of inches to the length just to be on the safe side.


This is definitely a pattern I would come back to in the future, perhaps in some funky cotton prints for summer. I must add this to my ever growing list of things I want to make in 2016.


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