So with the imminent arrival of Me Made May, I thought that I would have a rummage through my Unfinished Objects (UFOs) box, which is currently overflowing with half started projects, or projects that need a quick mend. I don’t know what makes me start a project, do all the boring bits like cutting out, pinning the pattern etc, and then not finish project.

Sometimes I go through a phase of cutting out lots of items all in one go, whilst watching endless episodes of Friends, and about 80% of the time I will then get lots and lots of sewing all in one go and have lots of finished items, but just lately I’ve cut  a lot of projects, but haven’t got round to finishing them. Sometimes for a legitimate reason like I don’t have the zip I need, or my overlocker has white thread and my project needs black thread. Other times I just don’t get round to finishing a project, I currently have 2 blouses that need finishing, both of which I made because I have hardly any  me made tops and I wanted to add some to my wardrobe.

So this week I thought that it would be great to review (nearly) all of my UFOs, and with 2 bank holiday weekends in May, perhaps it will give me the oomph to get on and get these finished. After all its such a quick win!

From Left to Right:

  1. A batwing super causal top in a fabric that cost me £2/m from Goldhawk road – stalling on this because its a difficult to work with fabric.
  2. A prima pattern for a shift dress in a super slippy fabric, which I am not looking forward to sewing with or even wearing (not even sure why I bought it really!).
  3. A fabulous dress in a fabulous piece of vintage fabric – stalling because it needs 2 D-rings for the front fastening and I can’t seem to buy these anywhere.
  4.   Adress which I finished and wore a handful of times before it ripped under the arm, I my mum repaired it and the same thing happened. Now it is destined to be a fabulous skirt.
  5. Not strictly handmade, but a second hand top that I like the look of, but I want to add more shaping to, and that means 2 layers as it has a lining. I either need to get on and do it, over it as it is, or charity shop it.
  6. Denim trousers that I made using the Sew Over It Ultimate trouser pattern. But above the knee they are super baggy, below the knee they are super tight (so tight they are difficult to get over my ankles and have a turn up because otherwise I cant get them on!) and the side zip is broken. These need the bottoms chopping off and a refashion into shorts.


  7. Sew Over It 1940’s tea dress – the first fabric was see through so I made a lining, which is also see through, at which point I got bored. It only needs sleeves, hemming and a zip to finish.
  8. A TTTB mimi blouse, which is half done, before I got bored. Blouses are a lot more involved then dresses.
  9. A GBSB 1930’s blouse, in a fabric I adore. I’ve cut it out but got no further. When you first have to trace a pattern it takes a lot longer!


  10. A halter neck in which the halter neck is too high. It needs lowering, but there is unpicking to be done as the bodice is lined.
  11. Dress which is finished, but shocking choice of zip, so a new zip needs to be added, and it also has a tear at the skirt bottom which needs repairing.
  12. A dress that I pretty much self drafted after the first incarnation went disastrously wrong! This may actually beyond salvaging, or might be gifted to someone who is tiny.

So that’s it 12 UFOs – how shameful is that! I do still have 1 more dress that is half cut out, but I didn’t want to end with 13 UFOs pictured, so I’ve left that for another time.

I’m trying not to buy any new fabric until I finish these, and sew a few more pieces using my stash, so that should get me enough reason to get going with these. I’m going to try really hard to concentrate on finishing most of these items in May.If I could get 75% of these finished and wearable I’d be really pleased. So with good intentions and a bank holiday just getting started lets see how far I actually get.


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