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A surprising win – The Batwing Top

I’m well aware that one of the biggest holes in my wardrobe is tops. I’m a dress kinda girl for so many parts of my life (work, going out, shopping, eating out), but sometimes only separates will do, and this is where my me made wardrobe comes unstuck. I’m well aware of this, but cant seem to get any energy to sew tops. With Me Made May 2016 in full swing I knew I needed to make a bit of an effort to address this, so this top was a super easy, fairly quick make to give me a super casual top.

This is a prima pattern from a couple of years ago for a batwing top. I used some sheer fabric I bought for £2/m at Goldhawk Road for this make. I hate sewing in difficult fabrics, and this was a tricky fabric. I find if its difficult to cut out, then I loose patience with it before its been anywhere near a sewing machine. I cut this top out months ago, and it took only probably an hour to sew up.


With only 2 pieces it wasn’t taxing at all. Because of the fabric choice I used French seams throughout so that it looks neat. I really like the detail of the hem on this pattern, as the back is much much lower than the front, and I think it gives some great detail.


This pattern should also have 2 cuffs on the arms in the same fabric, but I have disproportionately large upper arms, and when I tried the top on before I added the cuffs I realised the arm holes were too small, so without much measuring I just cut the underarm/side seam back a bit and it made the arms bigger. the cuffs I had cut now didn’t fit, so I didn’t bother adding them. I went “off-piste” quite a lot on this pattern, as I also didn’t finished the neckband with bias binding, because quite frankly life is too short to make my own bias binding, and I knew I wasn’t going to find ready made binding that would work with this fabric. My only concern having worn this top for a whole day, is that the arms aren’t equal, but I’ve looked in the mirror and they look symmetrical even if they don’t feel it.


I thought that this top would be a super causal top, worn on days when I wasn’t doing much, to be worn with a pair of black jersey harem pants that I live in when I am at home. I still think this top is perfect for that, but its first outing was at work. For Me Made May I wanted to wear a pencil skirt, and teamed it with this top tucked in, and a red belt to bring it all together. I loved wearing it to work like this, so I think it’ll have another outing with a pencil skirt in the not too distant future.


Although the fabric was tricky I actually quite like this shape. I’ve ordered a jersey remnant, and I think I might be able to recreate a spring jumper using this pattern. I just need to adjust my pattern before hand to make sure my arm holes are even and big enough. I might even think about adding the cuffs to any future editions.



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