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Me Made May 2016 – Week one round up

As Me Made May enters it 2nd week for 2016, I thought I’d squeeze in a little extra blog post to show you what I wore during the week. If you follow me on Instagram ( @chloelouisew89 ) you’ll have seen all these photos before.

Day 1 – A sunny Sunday to kick off me made may and I wore a GBSB box pleat skirt, and a RTW casual shirt.

Day 2 -a rainy bank holiday, and breakfast out called for probably my least worn me made item, a jersey dress in magenta.

Day 3 – My 2014 Christmas dress, a simplicity pattern in a red rose fabric. finished with a vintage belt.

Day 4 – A double me made day for a day in the office. My bat wing top, and my GBSB pencil skirt in grey, teamed with a red belt.

Day 5 – A geometric print dress, with a fab neckline. Once again this was for an office day, and I got lots and lots of comments on my outfit.

Day 6 – A Tilly and the Buttons hacked Françoise dress in faux suede for an evening of wine with a friend. Styled to the nines with a vintage suede jacket, brown ankle boots and my fave new accessory a big floppy hat.

Day 7 – my flamingo dress, a new look 6070 pattern, which always makes me insanely happy! Spent the day walking in a cherry blossom field, so teamed this with uber sensible grey canvas lace ups. My mum also went me made on our outing out, so I’ve included a cheeky extra photo of her outfit too.

So what did week one tell me? – to try wearing things I thought I didn’t like. The magenta jersey dress is a great example, it doesn’t fit overly well, and the fabric is cheap and nasty and doesn’t have much bounce back, but its sat in my wardrobe unloved. I’ll wear it once more and then decide whether to keep it, or give it to a good home and free up some wardrobe space.


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