Me Made May

Me Made May 2016 – Week two round up

With week 2 of Me Made May going past in a flash, here is a round up of everything I wore last week.


Day 8 – a Colette Sorbetto top with piping down the middle pleat and RTW shorts for a hot hot hot Sunday in the garden.

Day 9 – A Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress that I made for my 25th birthday meal out. I don’t wear this a lot because I don’t like the sleeves. Wearing it again has not changed my mind on it, but I don’t hate it enough to want to change the sleeves.

Day 10 – This is another simplicity 1609. you may have noticed that I love this pattern! This is made in a really hard wearing fabric, and has a great silhouette.


Day 11 – A knit version of Tilly and the Buttons Francoise dress. I was working from home hence the headless shot (much better than a make up free shot). I still added a zip into this dress and it doesn’t really need it, but this is a super cosy dress.

Day 12 – This is a Sew Over It shirt dress which I love. Its in a heavy weight fabric and I wanted to make this is a winter fabric, but with no tights its perfect for a Spring day. I was really conscious of it being a bit gaping, so I’ve since added another button to the top to make it easier to wear.

Day 13 – This used to be one of my favourite patterns, but I haven’t worn it for a year and I really don’t love it any more, which is such a shame as I have 3 dresses in this style. I had help taking this photo, but apparently not a single photo as taken with my eyes open.


Day 14 – So I know that my Me Made May pledge was to wear me made every day, but there was a departure on day 14. I’m a Scout leader, and I attended a celebration of life for a Scout leader who recently passed away. It was a super emotional and inspiring day, so I don’t feel bad at all for not wearing Me Made all day. After all I did sew all my own badges on!

What did I learn in week 2? I need to make more cosy, comfy, casual clothes, or accept that my me made wardrobe just doesn’t cover this. The reason I don’t have many handmade items that I would wear around the house is because I don’t see the point in making things that aren’t beautiful or unique and could be bought cheaply. I also need to recognise why I don’t like certain details, or why I don’t feel confident wearing an item and doing something about it. The shirt dress and adding an extra button is a prime example.


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