Geometric Print Shift Dress

My pattern stash grew A LOT during a last summer’s massive pattern sale at John Lewis. When patterns are only a couple of quid each I can take a gamble on a pattern and pop it away (with the hundred’s of other patterns in my ever growing pattern stash), waiting for it to take my fancy. New Look 6144 is one of those patterns. I was drawn to this pattern because of the neck detail, its a couple of folds at an angle, which makes the pattern  bit different.


The fabric that I chose for this dress is from the fabric that I had as a Christmas present (to go with my new overlocker). Its a cotton with an abstract monochrome geometric pattern , its a fairly muted pattern, so I thought that the detail on the pattern would complement the pattern.


The dress was a really quick and simple make. The only bit I struggled on was the folds on the neckline. I marked out the fold lines with carbon tracing paper on the WS, and then it felt natural to fold RS to RS (a bit like a dart) to match up the lines. After I had basted and pressed I realised that this wasn’t the design, and it just didn’t look right leaving it. So it was a quick unpick and refold to fold it like the pattern intended. Apart from that the comprehensive instructions made it really easy. The KICK PLEAT on the back is something I usually struggle with, but by taking it slow and following the instructions, it went really well first time, with no unpicking or swearing involved.


I’ve added pockets in at the side seams as well. It’s not been massively successful as the pockets are a little low (it seems to be my trademark). The fabric also bellows out at the widest point of my hips once I’ve put my hands in the pockets just once.


I wore the dress to the cinema the day I finished it, and I’ve worn it loads since. It’s been on regular rotation throughout the end of winter with thick tights, and now with flesh coloured tights on warm Spring days. It’s a fabulous pattern, and a fabulous fit, so I doubt it will be too long before another dress is made up exactly the same.




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