Me Made May

Me Made May – the final week

So with the final day of Me Made May 2016 upon us, here is my final round up of what I’ve been wearing.


Day 22 – my new refashioned Sew Over It ultimate trousers and a green Astoria I made last week.

Day 23 – My first double up of the month (something I was trying hard not to do) – my Mimi blouse and a pencil skirt.

Day 24 – a RTW top and a skirt I made with Ikea fabric. This skirt is too big and just doesn’t do anything for me. I need to refashion it somehow.


Day 25 – This is a trusty dress whenever I have a work meeting. Its my graduation dress and its made from a wool blend. It’s on constant rotation and is such a fave of mine.

Day 26 – Today’s outfit has been replaced with a picture of my cat for the very reason that I had a fab outfit on, a GBSB pencil skirt with ducks on, and an Astoria jumper in green, and then spent the morning trying to find my cat who had escaped. He came back after being on the run for over 6 hours, but it totally threw out my day and I just didn’t get a picture, so today has been replaced with a picture of Byron the cat.

Day 27 – I wore a great brown dress that I don’t wear nearly enough. By wearing this I realised what a great pattern it is, and I really must use it again. The one thing that stops me wearing this more is that it’s made from a very delicate vintage fabric and I’m not convinced that the centre back seam will stand up to much movement, and no on wants to be caught out with a ripped seam.

Day 28 – I had such a special dress that I had been saving for this Saturday as I went out for a pub lunch. I haven’t worn it all May and haven’t blogged about it because its so lovely I wanted to save it. The plan was for a sunny pub garden lunch, but being a bank holiday weekend it was miserable, so I wore another GBSB pencil skirt with ducks on and my grey Astoria jumper. I know this sounds fab, but a long pub lunch followed by an evening in the pub did not result in any photos.

Day 29 – Apparently I’ve lost a day – Goodness knows what I wore, there seems to be no photo evidence despite me being sure I took one. I think I wore the polka dot skirt and then a RTW top?


Day 30 – Bank holiday Monday, I wore a GBSB pencil skirt in tartan, and a cheap RTW long sleeved black t-shirt.

Day 31 – The final day. I wore a lovely smart work dress, in black with some fabulous piping detail.

So onto Me Made thoughts in the final week – Selfie taking is BORING. Also imposing a strict me made everyday rule makes me want to break it. I’m going to do a round up post at the end of the week to pause for thought and reflect on my first foray into Me Made May, but I am slightly relived that 1st June is here tomorrow.


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