Me Made May

Me Made May 2016 – My Final Thoughts

So with my first Me Made Made over with, and a little time to reflect, what did I learn, and how will it shape my sewing?

My pledge was: “I, Chloe of Handmade by Chloe, sign up as a participant of Me Made May ’16. I endeavour to wear at least 1 item of me made clothing for each day in May. By photographing my outfits each day I hope to fall in love with some of my forgotten me made items again. I also promise to take note of the gaps in my me made wardrobe and focus my sewing on filling these gaps.”

My secret pledge was actually to wear something different for each day of May. I did indeed wear an item of Me Made Made for every day of May (expect the day I was at a Scout event and wore my uniform all day, but I did try on a lot of Me Made bits as I was sewing them), but by week 4 there were some repeats in my wardrobe. Overall I’m counting this year’s Me Made May as a success.

In the 4 days since Me Made May has finished I have worn no me made items – I think this is a real reflection of the gaps in my wardrobe. During Me Made May I wore things that I had made which weren’t particularly practical for what I was doing. On day 1 I went foraging and wore a skirt, whereas normal I’d wear casual trousers, but I haven’t sewn any of those. The past few days I’ve worked from home and again have gone for comfort over style. I guess I either need to make peace that I am going to wear RTW when comfort over style is called for, or start to buy less jazzy fabric and start sewing some basics. I don’t think I’ve decided yet which path I am going to do down.

I don’t have many separates. I did try really hard to rectify this throughout May and over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing all that I have been sewing and this is mostly separates. Although a dress of some description suits for most of my life and style, sometimes separates work better. I’ve been rock climbing twice in May, and clearly this is an occasions that calls for separates and this is something I have struggled with. I have a fair few skirts, but I only have 1 pair of trousers and 1 pair of shorts, so I’ll be adding these to my need to sew list.

I’ve paired items that I wouldn’t normally think go together. My favourite outfit of the month was one of those happy coincidence outfits, my Batwing top and GBSB pencil skirt.


Consciously deciding to wear me mades for a whole month has certainly made me sew like a woman possessed. In May I have sewn (or finished from my UFO pile – read about what I had in there at the beginning of May here):

Sewn from scratch:

  • 3 x Astoria jumpers
  • Aster top
  • Self drafted maxi dress
  • Bella dress

Finishing UFOs:

  • Mimi blouse
  • GBSB 1930’s blouse
  • SOI 1940’s tea dress
  • SOI ultimate trousers refashioned into shorts
  • Polka dot self drafted top
  • Batwing top
  • Prima shift dress
  • Refashioned skirt
  • Halter neck dress
  • Finished the UFO brown dress
  • Black pin stripe dress
  • My Threadcount dress – which needed hemming and I did it by hand

That’s a pretty impressive list for only 31 days (albeit one with 2 bank holidays in).

Finally – I wanted to use May to experiment more with my accessories and handmade outfits. This happened for about the first 3 or 4 days. I have so much jewellery and I just don’t wear it, the same goes for shoes. I need to think about how I store my jewellery and shoes so that I am inspired to wear a bigger variety more often.

So as Me Made May 2016 is over with, I’ve really enjoyed my first attempt at getting involved. Thanks to So Zo… for such a great month, and thanks to everyone who has shared their Me Made May outfits on Instagram I’ve loved seeing what everyone else has been wearing. I blogged each of my outfits, if you want to see everything I wore you can find the pictures on Instagram, or here, here, here and here. I’ll leave you with just a few of my favourite makes for the month.



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