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At the beginning of 2016 I noticed I had way too much fabric in my stash, and really wanted to sew some of it up, after all I bought all the fabric because I really liked it, so why should it just be sat in a suitcase waiting to be used. Well the first half of 2016 went really well. I made a lot of items and did a fair amount of stash busting, the only fabric I bought was when others online where having a clear out and I’d buy the odd metre here and there.


Well June marks the month that this went out the window in spectacular fashion. I was looking for some haberdashery bits online and went to order some small bits from Abakhan’s. I hate paying for postage, and I was looking to make up my haberdashery order to £35, I tried to order bits that would be useful – interfacing, shirring elastic, carbon paper etc.Just before I finished my order I went to check out what was in the fabric sale – this was a major rookie error.There was some fabric for only £1.35/m – well who could resist that. It was described as “Chevron Dobby Wooltouch polyester”, and I knew I wanted to make some palazzo pants, so thought this might be a good fabric to try. I ordered 3m each of navy, taupe and olive.


When I got my parcel, it was beautiful. Beautiful and a bargain, that’s my sort of fabric. I just happened to look on the website again to check how much it has been and noticed they now had a new colour in wine. I knew I had to have some of that as well. So I persuaded my mum to buy some to make up the postage (a measly 3m of navy) so I made up another order. I ordered 8m of navy, 7m of wine, and 5m of olive. Abakhan phoned to say they were out of olive and did  want another colour instead so I had some of the grey, which I so would have had anyway if it had been on the website at the time. So now I have 26m of this fabric what am I going to make? I thought I’d list all my initial thoughts here and see how closely I stick to this list.

  • GBSB palazzo pants – Navy
  • Palazzo pants in another colour if these work out.
  • Some sort of trousers in grey.
  • a SOI shirtdress with a metal exposed zipper up the front instead of buttons in olive.
  • A midi 1/4 circle skirt in wine, with a black elastic waist and exposed zip.
  • A top in wine with an exposed zipper – perhaps the Anna bodice hack with a boat neck and a v back.
  • A casual jacket in any colour.
  • New look k6340 dress view A in grey.
  • High waisted shorts in navy or wine.

That seems like plenty to be getting on with, so watch this space to see how I get on, and apologies in advance for how bored you might become of me blogging the same fabric over and over again.



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