The “less than 1m” work skirt

When Jane from Handmade Jane had a bit of a de-stash at the beginning of the year I was eagerly snapping up some lovely pieces of fabric. I bought 3 pieces, the piece I’m blogging about today was a fairly small piece of a wool blend, but Jane did say I could probably get a skirt out of it.

IMG_3757 (2)

I used the New Look 6231 pencil skirt, which you can get make with less than a metre, even including a bit of horizontal pattern matching the checked fabric. This pattern also comes with 2 jackets and a trouser pattern, this really is a great value pattern. The reason I chose to make this skirt is because the illustration seems to show a fancy side seam detail. I’ve made a fair few pencil skirts using the GBSB pattern from the Sew Your Own Wardrobe book recently, and wanted something very similar but using a new-to-me pattern.


The skirt has a side split (which looks a lot fancier on the pattern envelope, in real life it is just a simple skirt split). Because the split and the zip is on the side seam, it means there are just 2 main pieces to this pattern, plus the waistband. The centre front and centre back are both cut on the fold. The waistband is 2 pieces interfaced, and then 2 additional pieces of facing, because the weight of the fabric is stiff I’ve used a heavy weight interfacing as well which means this waistband is super sturdy.


The skirt has a 9inch zip fastening, and 2 darts front and back. This is such a quick make, and I got a little complacent, I interfaced the wrong pattern pieces, so the compromise is that the waistband is on back to front. This means that the side seam and the waistband seam do not line up at all. There is about an inch difference, but the stitches have sunk into the fabric, and I think by unpicking it all would have damaged the fabric, as its not noticeable at all when I am wearing it.


I made this up in a straight 14, no adjustments. I really loved working with such weighty fabric, but there are far better pencil skirt patterns out there, and I won’t be making this skirt pattern again.


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