Refashioned Skirt

A couple of years ago I was invited to a summer afternoon awards event (I nominated a volunteer and went as their guest, I wasn’t collecting an award!). I had real issues making my dress. I originally made a dress which was a disaster, and so my second choice was a Burda Young 6793. I bought the fabric from John Lewis for about £12/m, so it was a fairly expensive dress, and it looked great. I spent a long time getting it all just right.

On the day I had a total disaster though, my shoes broke on the way up to London, and then the dress ripped under the arm.  The dress has grown on sleeves, and they sit off the shoulder, as a result it pulls the fabric in a way that makes it rip. I’ve repaired it once, and again it ripped under the arm. This pattern is a total fail, I can’t see any fabric working with this dress, I think you would have the same problem all the time.

See that rip!

Considering that I had spent a lot of money on this dress (it take 2.5m of fabric), it sat in my UFO pile for a while whilst I decided what to do with it. It was too expensive just to throw away, so I set about refashioning the dress. I unpicked the bodice from the skirt, and then refashioned a waistband out of the bodice (which is why there is a lot of pieces to the waistband, and therefore a lot of unnecessary seams).


The waistband has a facing as well, and I have reattached it to the original skirt. I finished the skirt with a row of top-stitching where the waistband meets the skirt, a 9inch zip and adding 3 peach/orange/pink buttons at the top of the waistband at the back for a bit of detail.


I love the shape of this skirt, it fits really well, and is a great addition to my wardrobe. This is a very Spring/Summer skirt, and is great for work. I am so glad that I invested the time to refashion this skirt, as I’m really pleased that I am using this fabric, and I hope to make more skirts from this pattern in the future. As an added bonus – check out how swishy this skirt is – yo can never go wrong with a swishy skirt!









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