Sewing Hauls

Handmade on holiday?

Despite a lot of my “real life” wardrobe being me made, my holiday wardrobe is distinctly RTW.  I tend to go on the same type of holidays year in year out (think lazying by a pool everyday and food and cocktails every evening), and with the weather in the UK not often calling for maxi dresses and short shorts. As a result my holiday wardrobe is pretty static, if I like it and its hot hot weather, I’ll pack it very holiday and wear it for 2 weeks of the year, year-on-year.

This year I’ve been spurred on to sew more holiday wear. About 3 weeks before I flew out to Corfu for a week in the sun, I became like a woman possessed sewing for my holiday. I wore me made nearly every day evening. I think that unless I decide to start sewing swimwear, I’ll never wear more me made on holiday than I did this holiday. I completed every project on my list except the navy long shorts (which were for work anyway). I didn’t even take it all on holiday, but it did give me a chance to look again at all the me made items in my wardrobe and I packed some clothes that I have sewn, don’t love an therefore don’t really wear in my everyday life. It’s amazing how I’m much happy to wear things that are far too short or not at all flattering on holiday when no one knows you.

So be prepared for a barrage of blog posts with pictures on me in the blistering sun, and some rather odd burn lines. Here is a bit of a preview of the items coming up on the blog over the next few weeks.

IMG_4308 IMG_4266


I must also give a huge shout out to my new, and rather reluctant, blog photographer Chloe (on the right), who patiently took and retook the photos you’ll see over the next few blog posts. Here’s a photo of  my holiday companions and I on one of our nights out.






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