A too short skirt + an expensive fabric= recipe for disaster?

About 11 years ago I had my teenage bedroom painted a vivid pink. Pink was certainly my colour. To decorate my room I was going to make a magnetic noticeboard, and chose a vibrant Cath Kidston fabric as the covering. Well 11 years have gone by, I’ve left home and my bright pink bedroom (which unsurprisingly my parents painted a more neutral colour and turned it into a sewing room). I never did make the noticeboard, so the fabric fell into my stash and never really inspired me. It’s funny how I never intended it to become an item of clothing and so felt awfully uninspired by it despite it coming from John Lewis, being Cath Kidston fabric and probably costing well over £10/m 11 years ago.

After languishing in my fabric stash for a record length of time, 2016 was to be the year it saw daylight for the first time this decade. I turned this slightly vomit-inducing pink fabric into a short skirt. I used a prima pattern from November 2014, which makes a short a-line skirt. I could blame the small piece of fabric I bought on the fact that this is ridiculously short. The model is wearing the skirt with tights, and if I had studied the photo of the model careful I would have seen it is very short on her, but how am I to know whether she is 5 ft or 6 ft? I love the shape of this skirt but it needs to be a good 9 inches longer. I’m in my twenties and I feel like this is something I would have worn in my early teens. It’s indecently short, even with tights its not a casual day skirt. I don’t have a lot to say about this skirt because in reality I’m never going to wear it much. I’m not in love with the fabric, and it’s annoying to have made this skirt in an expensive fabric for it to be unwearable. In the spirit of giving this a fair review, and in case you are looking for a skirt pattern which is “arse-grazing”, I quite enjoyed making it.

Its a simple skirt which I made up in a straight 14. I could do with a smidgen more room in the waistband for next time. There is just 1 pattern piece which you cut on the fold for the front and 2 separate pieces for the back, plus a waistband which is interfaced. no darts, no pleats or gathers, just a great a-line skirt, with the only issue being it is only 16 inches long. I’ve inserted a zip into the centre back seam to finish it off.

The pattern actually does have an option for a calf length a-line skirt as well, which I may try in the future for a winter skirt (perhaps in a wool). Prima patterns are good value (apart from already coming free!), as there is also a short and long version of a gathered skirt as well in this pattern. Perhaps this wasn’t a waste of sewing, if I know I like this pattern and want to make it again?

My blog photos are taken on my recent holiday, because when it’s hot and your a tourist “arse- grazing” skirts seem acceptable. Even then I didn’t wear it out, only putting it on to take blog photos, but this is more to do with the fact we didn’t leave our hotel during the day so day wear consisted of a bikini and a cover up. I don’t know whether to just part with this skirt now though and give to charity, or indeed to a teenager who might appreciate it more. I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t be discounting things as not age appropriate in my twenties, but actually if I feel self conscious in it, it shouldn’t matter about my age, I should just wear something I love, and as all sewers know, the perfect outfit is just a couple of hours with a sewing machine away!





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