Prima Shift Dress

In an effort to sew up my stash, I’ve used this really cheap and nasty piece of abstract print polyester. I have no idea why I thought buying this fabric would be a good idea. It was a nightmare to cut out, and its a really sweaty fabric to wear with no breathability. I knew this wouldn’t be a winner when I got it out of my stash, perhaps I should have been brave and just donated the fabric to a charity shop without sewing it up into this dress?

The pattern is another Prima pattern, this time from May 20111. Its for a simple shift dress, with a couple of folds in the neckline. I really like this pattern, except its mega short (perhaps it’s a theme with Prima patterns – I must remember this next time I make a Prima pattern). I cut a straight size 16, but the hang on my figure is weird, but I’m putting that all down to the fabric.

The dress was super easy to sew, with shaping down to just 2 front and 2 back double pointed darts. It also has an invisible zip up the centre back. I love the sleeves on this dress, just the right length in my opinion, I have quite wide upper arms and so sometimes sleeves can be too tight, but actually these fit really nicely. The neckline is faced, and with such a lightweight fabric, which would melt if I used iron-on interfacing (and quite frankly who has time and patience to use sew in interfacing?!), I had to be inventive with how I secured the facing to ensure that it didn’t keep rolling out. I decided to use a triple zag-zag stitch as a decorative -and functional,  feature of the neckline. This solves the facing on the outside problem and I quite like the look of it as well.

So the overall verdict of this dress? I quite like the pattern, I would like it more if it was lengthened. I hate the fabric, I need to remember cheap fabric is not always a wise choice. It clings weirdly, and it doesn’t really fit my lifestyle, so I’m not sure how often I am going to wear this, but for a holiday dress, despite it being a hot fabric, it’s fine, and I’m sure it will get a few wears before I tire of it.


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