GBSB Palazzo Pants

As soon as I saw the reviews coming out of the new GBSB book (from stitch to style), I knew I needed a pair of the palazzo pants in my life. I’ve always considered myself a bit too short to carry these off, but perhaps I just need to wear heels (clearly this meant I had to buy new shoes!). With my mega cheap Abakhan’s fabric, if it went wrong, it wouldn’t be very costly.

I’m not keen on tracing out the pattern pieces when it is difficult to see which line I need to be following, I doubly don’t enjoy it when they can’t even print an entire pattern piece and you have to trace 2 pieces and stick them together – think tracing followed by PDF piecing – URGH! I did my best (well perhaps not my best, it was a bit slap-dash), but with only 3 pattern pieces it really didn’t take too long.

I then decided the waistband was way too narrow for my liking. I wanted a pair of high-waisters. At this point I went off- piste. My waistband is  2 3/4 inches thick (the pattern calls for a waistband that is only 1 inch wide).

The sewing part of this pattern took hardly anytime. inside seam, outside seams crotch, waistband and then the zip. You could easily make these in an evening.

I made a couple of minor errors. Because I added significant height to the waistband I didn’t taper the shape of the waistband, so I had to go back and take some in at the top of the waistband. It gave me a chance to really focus on the fit though. I also added in an invisible zip (the book calls for an invisible zip but it just doesn’t work), but at the waistband seam the zip wouldn’t go over the seam very well. I ruined 2 invisible zips tying to make them do up, and in the end I just went for an exposed zip.


Also – are we talking about the waistband with this pattern?! Pretty much everyone has said the same thing, the pattern piece is wrong. It’s too short! I didn’t notice until I had cut it out, so I cut out a bit of extra length and my centre seam now runs through my waistband as well.Overall the patterns in this book are great projects, but there is a serious lack of proofreading I feel. I was aware of this before I made this pattern from the book reviews, and I still came unstuck. The finished measurements of these trousers suggest I should need to make a size 10, I didn’t,I measured the pattern pieces and cut a size 14, which is what I would normally cut, and I think the fit is pretty near perfect.

The waistband seam that shouldn’t really be there!
I also had concerns about how long to hem these. I originally took 3 inches off the bottom when I pinned them to try on before hemming, but that seemed a bit excessive. I then took the hem to nearer the original bottom of the trousers until I found a happy length. For me (I’m 5ft 4) I have a 1 1/4inch hem at the bottom. However these do scrape the floor, and the fabric has already worn a little, so I may have to re-hem these once they get really tatty at the hem.

I love these trousers, they are uber comfortable to wear but actually feel quite glamourous. They are work appropriate, weekend appropriate, going out appropriate – They are basically appropriate for every part of my life!

Navy trousers are so versatile. I’m thinking about my next pairs of these. What length should I make (the book has a pattern hack for culottes)? Is hot pink culottes to outrageous to be worthwhile making (I have fabric, I have the idea, but am I brave enough to ever wear them)? Will these work as shorts? Could it be adapted for work appropriate shorts?I’m really looking forward to making more incarnations of this pattern, and I can see it becoming a wardrobe staple.



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