High-waisted shorts

After the success of my Palazzo pants, and with my Abakhan’s fabric haul, I decided that I needed a pair of wine coloured high-waisted shorts in my life. Nothing like a bit of speed sewing the weekend before I went away to focus my sewing mind.

I decided to use the Palazzo pant pattern from the GBSB Stitch to Style book. I know the hack in this book is for culottes, but I haven’t quite worked up the courage to sew up some culottes (its not the sewing I’m worried about it’s wearing the culottes). Anyway when did anyone ever really follow a pattern without making it their own?

To make these shorts I made a few changes. Firstly and most obviously I shortened the length of the legs. I measured a 20inch outside leg seam and cut the legs off here. Then I sewed them as normal, omitting the pockets and moving the zip from the side seam to the centre back seam. I used a metal exposed zip here to highlight this detail. I seem to get in a bit of a design rut and once something works well once I repeat it lots and lots. Watch out for lots more blog posts which include an exposed metal zip.

As with my last pair of Palazzo pants I added a high waisted waistband, which I half interfaced before folding over. I remembered to taper the edges as I sewed up the side seams, but I forgot that the pattern piece is too short, so again had to cut and sew an extra bit on, but its fine as it matched up with a side seam. I also included black piping in at the waistband seam, which I considered not bothering with as I didn’t think it would stand out enough to warrant the extra time, but actually I am so glad that I did, I think it really pulls the whole garment together.

The cuffs on the bottom are 2.25inches wide. I did this by folding up the fabric from the bottom of the leg by 5.75inches (width of the finished cuff x2 plus enough to hem it), and then folding it back down and tucking my hem to the inside and sewing it in place before giving it a good press. My hem on the shorts in only about 7mm, but I think it works really well.

Although these were a holiday sew, I think I’ll get a lot of use out of them because they are dark autumnal colour I can wear with tights in the winter, and although they are shorts, the are fairly appropriate for every day casual wear. I also have tickets to see Fat Boy Slim in December and I’m thinking they would be great to wear then as well (Although as it is still 4 months away I may have changed my mind by the time December comes around).

I’m so glad that these turned out like I imagined, and that I spent time thinking about the design details, the exposed zip and the piping really works.





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