Mimi blouse

I really love Tilly’s Love At First Stitch book. The photography is beautiful, the options to hack or alter a lot of the patterns means it is really versatile, and with the range of patterns it suits a beginner and a sewer with a bit more experience. This is the reason that I recommend this book to anyone wanting to get into sewing, and have already bought it as a present for a couple of people. If you mention you want to learn to sew, ill always recommend this book.

Having said all of this, I haven’t made all that much from this book. So far I have only made 2 Megan dresses. I like the look of the Margot PJs, I like the Lilou dress, and I’ve had my eye on the Mimi blouse for a long time. But the patterns in this book are really fabric hungry, and that fact that I have to trace the patterns means I’ve probably not used it as a book full of patterns as much as a could have.

Knowing that I need more tops in my handmade wardrobe, I spent time tracing the Mimi blouse. It seems that lots of bloggers have made the Mimi blouse and it always looks fab. I chose to make this in a lovely viscose (?) fabric with tiny navy swallows on, and a cream background.

I quite enjoyed taking my time over this make. The sewing took a few days, but shamefully I’ve had it cut out for nearly 4 months! I liked slowing my sewing down, and I think that naturally happens when all the seams are short. I referred to the instructions a lot to find out what to do next, having not sewn a blouse before I wanted to follow the instructions and save getting the seam ripper out too often. Being  studious paid off, I didn’t unpick a single seam! I also really like the sleeve facings. I even spent time hand sewing these and the hem which is practically unheard of! There was a fair amount of hand sewing in this pattern as there are 7 buttons to sew on, so there was a lot of mindless telly watching as I sewed.

The button placket is also quite wide, I’m not sure if I went off and did my own thing here or this is what the pattern suggests. I think it looks a little imbalanced and in a fabric that is this lightweight and sheer I just don’t like that you can see how wide it is through the fabric.

When I put my Mimi blouse on for the first time, it felt weird. Its a bit tight across my shoulder blades, and I think that the back yoke sits a bit too high for my liking. I think that if I made it again (and its a big IF) I would add 1.5inches onto the yoke, and take the same length off the top of the back piece. I’d also make the sleeves and sleeve facings 1-2cm wider, so there is a bit more room, but this is a common issue I have with patterns.

I didn’t make any changes to the pattern, except you might notice in the pictures that the hem is significantly longer in the back. This was a conscious choice to hem it in this way,as I like hems that sit lower at the back on tops.

I like parts of this pattern, I enjoyed sewing it, and it filled a hole in my handmade wardrobe. Overall a pretty satisfying make.




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