Another Simplicity 1609

Just a quick post from me today as I think I have said everything there is to say abut the Simplicity 1609 as I’ve already blogged about it twice (here and here). It is TNT pattern, but I think this version might be my favourite.

I’ve just some upholstery fabric which was a leftover from a roman blind I made for my sewing room. Its a fairly thick woven fabric and creases like crazy. It’s certainly a dress that needs an iron every time it comes out of the wash. It also frays like crazy, thank goodness for my overlocker.

I sewed this up in a straight 14, but removed the centre front seam. The CF seam does have a little shaping, but it’s a fairly straight seam so I just cut it on the fold.  It meant that I could display this striking pattern in all its glory without worrying about any pattern matching. I did make some effort to ensure that the centre of a pattern repeat ran down the front, and the result is a nicely balanced dress. I didn’t make any adjustments to remove the seam allowance so I guess I have gained 3cms to the front piece, which isn’t a bad thing as the fit on this is pretty perfect.

This won’t be the last incarnation of this dress. I wear some of my 1609’s with long sleeved black scoop neck t-shirts in the winter, but perhaps for my next version I should consider drafting my own cap sleeved pattern piece to make this a bit more English-winter friendly.

I don’t have a lot else to say about this dress. Now summer is officially over, this dress won’t get much wear until 2017, but I know I will still love it next year and I will get lots of wear out of it for another season or 2. I’ll just leave you with some more photos of the dress, taken outside on a warm day (remember those days…)





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