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Knitting and Stitching Show Haul – October 2016

So this weekend was the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally. Having been for the first time last year, my mum and I were super excited to be going again in 2016.

Having thought about what I wanted to sew this winter, I made a list of all the patterns I wanted to try, and their fabric requirements – talk about being super organised, however I didn’t really stick to the plan and have lots of goodies, but not much from my list. I blame it on the fact I fall in love with fabrics first and then find a suitable pattern. So without further-ado I’m going to share my haul from the show.

The non-fabric things first

As the name suggest at the K&S show there is lots of knitting bits and bobs. Being both left-handed and impatient, knitting and I haven’t really ever got on. But who can resist a bargain, and I bought a pack of 10 mustard DK wool for £17.99 and  Rowan pattern book for £1. Now I just need to talk to my Nan nicely, and hopefully she will knit me this gorgeous cable knit jumper in time for the colder months.

Magazines – the best bargains at K&S is the magazine subscription options you can sign up for. I signed up for Simply Sewing (£6 for 3 issues, plus a free copy of Molly Makes, and this gorgeous happiness is homemade tote bag). I also signed up for Sew (£6 for 3 issues) and The Dressmaker (£12.99) which both came with huge goodie bags full of little freebies from the front of magazine to knit and sew different things, and little booklets with home ideas in. Mum and I both signed up for all these magazines which meant we were laden down with goodie bags for most of the afternoon – thank goodness there was a cloakroom where we could leave our shopping. I’m looking forward to lots of happy post days between now and Christmas, but must remember to cancel my subscriptions before they start becoming more expensive.

A few other bits and bobs I bought – 2 value packs of needles, one lot for my machine and one for hand sewing, at a £1 each you cant go wrong. A plastic thimble for £1, and some frixion pens which lots of bloggers rave about so I am hoping they will transform my sewing too.


A bumper fabric haul

This is what K&S is all about – boosting your fabric stash for the year.So although I didn’t follow my list, I was fairly focussed with my buying, looking for lots of jersey and winter fabrics.

First stall of the day was The Shuttle and I knew I had to buy something just to get me started. So I bought a remnant of this burgundy and navy stripe lightweight jersey for about £6.50 the 2m piece (destined to be an Anges), plus 1.5m of this stable knit in royal blue (which I think was about £6/m), which if I can sew up quickly might be my birthday dress, and a Molly or Coco dress . I  went back to this stall at the end of the day and bought 2m of this gorgeous dusty pink crepe for £4.95/m, which I don’t have a vision for yet, but I just couldn’t leave it behind.

Bloggers rave about Girl Charlee jerseys, so it felt like I just had to buy something from them. I picked up 2m of this £5/m plain jersey in a burnt orange colour. I’m seeing an Anges top perhaps,  a Molly top, or perhaps a Molly dress.

I want to make both the Mia jeans and the Ginger jeans this winter. From Fabric Time, I found a really dark denim and this navy denim, unfortunately  the dark denim had a mark on and was the end of the bolt, so I had to settle for just 2m of this £7/m denim which I think will become Ginger jeans. I also picked up 2m of this bargain floral stretch cotton (£3/m), which I am going to try for a third time to perfect the ultimate trousers.

At Lili fabrics I bought 2.5m of this gorgeous Hawaiian print poly? to make a jumpsuit, maybe the poppy playsuit, or perhaps one of the jumpsuit patterns from the GBSB books, it wasn’t expensive (nothing I bought was), perhaps £3.95/m. I also bought 2m of this abstract white dots on black (perhaps £3.95/m), which is going to become some casual trousers using a McCalls patterns which came free with a recent magazine.  I also went back to buy 1m of this gorgeous grey and black thick knit fabric at £4.95/m, which is going to be another winter Astoria jumper , and 1.5m of this £2.95/m poly cotton in blue with vintage flowers on which I plan to make into another Aster.

From Fabrics Galore I bought 2.5m of this pinstripe blue and white cotton for £6/m, which will become an Alex shirt dress.

Finally I can’t remember where this was from, or how much it was, but I bought 2.5m of this thick dotty knit fabric. This is going to be a Molly dress or a Coco dress.

I didn’t buy any of the patterns I was looking out for, there wasn’t much opportunity to buy independent patterns, so I need to start ordering some patterns. I’ve also got lots of plans from patterns from the SOI city break book, but don’t have the book yet, so I’ll be ordering that today. The one thing I am determined to buy this season is some wool for my duffle coat, so if I can’t find anything at Sew Saturday next week, I’ll be ordering some swatches online.

So I bought 11 pieces of fabric, so that should keep me going for a while. Now I need to make a start and get some serious sewing going!


P.S. here’s a couple of out takes of our day – Thanks for a lovely day to my partner in crime!

Run out of money – time for a cash point pit stop
first coffee break of the day

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