sewing plans

Plans for 2017

So New Year, and time to look forward and to think about what (sewing things) I want to achieve in 2017.

The last few months of 2016 have been mega busy, I moved house and I had lots of “house-y” stuff which kinda meant I pressed pause on sewing for the last 6 weeks or so. I also bought A LOT of fabric in October and November and in my new sewing room it’s all on display and I think I have been a little bit paralysed by the fear of how much fabric I have!

Anyways I’d like my SewJo back in 2017 please! Because this I what I would like to achieve:
1 – After searching for months to find the perfect fabric and notions, I finally have all that I need to make my red duffle coat using the Grainline Cascade Duffle Coat pattern. I’m hoping that I can sew this up by the end of February, so that I might get some use out of it this winter.

2 – Jeans. I now have both the Mia (Sew Over It City Break) and the Ginger Jeans (Closet Case Files) patterns. I have the patterns and the fabric, so I’d like to sew both these patterns up and then decide which pattern I prefer and have a good fitting pair of jeans.

3 – Jumpsuit. For the summer I have this fabulous tropical print fabric that I would like to make into a long jumpsuit. I’m not sure about the pattern, but I’d like to make this in time for the height of Summer.

4 – Jackets. I have enough fabric and the patterns to make both a Victoria (BHL) and the hacking jacket from the first ever GBSB book. I’d like to make the hacking jacket in a tweed, and the Victoria blazer in a bold primary colour.

5 – The Alex shirt dress (SOI City Break).  I have a narrow blue stripe fabric and a lovely black Georgette, both of which I would like to make into Alex shirt dresses.

I’m positive I’ll sew more than this, but I wanted to set some goals which are challenging, and not just a quick and easy “sewn in a couple of hours” makes.

I also want to keep on top of blogging. It takes a bit of organising to take photos of my makes, so quite often I’ll write my blog post but won’t get photos for a couple of months, I need to get a bit more organised so that I can blog more often. I tried using a tripod and a remote clicker, but I just can’t get on with it quite so well (although it did get used an aweful lot on holiday to take group snaps!), so I need to bribe people to take photos when I am out and wear newly sewn outfits (I’m off to Brighton next weekend and am manically sewing up some bits to wear so I can get them photographed around there, so fingers crossed for some sunny weather). 

So here’s to more sewing in 2017, some challenging sews, some stats busting and more regular blog posts. – What have you got planned?


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