2017 Resolutions

2017 – A Year of Resolutions

Today’s blog post is not a sewing post, but is something I am hoping to be fairly committed to in 2017, so I want to blog my progress to see if at the end of the year, I’m still on track!

So I’m not a big fan of New Years resolutions. If I’m motivated to start something, to change something, or to stop something, I don’t really need an arbitrary date to start. If I need a date to be motivated to do something, then I’m probably not that motivated to do it at all. I also think making a resuloution that you will keep for ever more is pretty unrealistic. So in 2017 I am going to set myself a series of mini challenges, all focussed on something for a month.

Originally it was just going to be a one month thing. When I moved I realised I had A LOT of stuff for one person. I know living on my own I need everything like a sofa, a microwave, a TV etc. If I was living with someone I would still only need 1 of each of those things. So that combined with an expensive December, January is, for me, No spend January. I’m not going to spend on anything in January. No impulse Amazon purchases, or buying the latest PDF pattern as soon as it is released. For the whole of January if it isn’t petrol then I’m not buying it. It’s around getting a bit more balance in my life, making do, and not buying online straight away. It’s also about not buying lunch at work because I haven’t had time to make it in the morning. I’m hoping to learn something about where all my money goes each month that will last after 31st January. 

So after discussing No Spend Jan with my friends, I decided there were lots of other things I wanted to try, but just for a month, to see which habits lasted after the month was over. So in 2017 each month I am going to set a challenge to do something different. It’s not about doing something every day, but more about focussing my month on something.

Although I don’t have 12 ideas, I have enough to get me started. I’m thinking for 2017 I’d like to spend a month doing some of the following:

  • No Spend Jan
  • Reading a chapter of my book ever day for a month
  • Taking 10,000 steps a day
  • Not eating bread
  • Cutting out alcohol
  • Learning to meditate
  • Running every single day for a month
  • Spending 30minutes a day sewing

I need a few more ideas – do you have any that I could add to my list?

I’ll still be blogging lots about sewing, but for 2017 (or as long as I last), I’ll also be doing a monthly blog post on what I have done the previous month, and my reflections on how hard, or easy, it has been. Check back shortly to see how successful No spend Jan has been – wish me luck!


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