2017 Resolutions

No Spend Jan – The conclusion

So as January has finally finished, I thought I would check back in to let you all know how No Spend Jan went. Back at the beginning of Jan I wrote about my year of month long resolutions, and my plan was to spend nothing in January, here’s how it went:

  • I filled up my car with petrol 3 times –  £110.
  • My cat was poorly – vets bills were about £200 (but some of this will hopefully come back on the insurance claim).
  • I ran out of eggs and butter on Jan 31st, and I wanted to make a cake for a friend who was visiting on the 1st Feb, so I spent £2.50 on this.
  • I had friends to stay in early Jan, and decided No Spend Jan didn’t apply that weekend – £60
  • I went on a fair few dates (which I didn’t anticipate, but couldn’t turn down!), so I probably spent another £40.
  • I made a real effort to make my lunch for work every day, and as a result I didn’t spend money on lunch, which always seemed a bit of a waste. One day I did forget to pack it, so I ate it the next day, but did spend £3.50 on lunch.
  • I also sponsored someone £10.

So overall No Spend Jan was fairly successful. I really learnt to consider if I needed something. I went to buy a scratch card with my petrol and then stopped myself. I wanted to go swimming, but went for a run instead to save money. I wanted new bedside lamps, but I didn’t NEED them, so I didn’t buy them. I wanted a new sewing pattern to go with some fabric I have, but didn’t buy it. I think I learnt a lot about what I need and what I can live without. I also realised I have a lot of food, as I didn’t run out of anything during the month, and I could probably go another month without really struggling (the result of a batch coooking marathon in November, I’m still eating it in February!). I’m hoping that I will still be a bit more considerate with what I do buy and how I buy it for a while longer yet. Although today (1st Feb), I have bought that sewing pattern I really wanted (SOI Heather dress), and paid to print it at a copy shop, along with some other patterns. I’ve also used an Amazon voucher to buy those bedside lamps I liked, and a new CD player as mine has stopped working (its 15 years old, so I guess that’s not bad going). I’ll also be going to a supermarket later to buy a few bits, and I need new tyres on my car so it might be an expensive day!

So what does February have in store – Feb is now going to be known as “No Bread Feb”, this could be even more of a challenge, as I have toast every morning and sandwiches most lunchtimes – wish me luck! I’ll report back next month to let you know how I got on.


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