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Agnes – Take 1

I think every blog I read has done a review of the Agnes top by Tilly and the Buttons. It seems to be a go-to pattern for a basic t-shirt, and with some additional design details (ruffled neckline and sleeves), it’s a quick and satisfying sew.

I bought this maroon and navy stripe jersey at the Knit and Stitch show at Ally Pally back in October. It was cheap (and feels it a bit too), but it was the first thing I bought and I just had to buy something to get me in that buying mood. I had probably 1.2m of this fabric to play with, and as the stripes are so narrow I didn’t bother to think about matching the stripes. In some places it has worked out and in other areas not so much.

I cut this out a while ago and then with Christmas I got a bit distracted and didn’t sew it up until the week after Christmas. I made a straight size 6, and below the bust it fits really well. I am super happy with the fit and how it hangs. I’m not the neatest or most careful of sewers, so I always worry about attaching neckbands on knit fabrics as I think they can go a bit wayward and end up different thicknesses all over, however this time it worked out well. I’m really pleased with how the neckband sits and how I have sewn it.

There is, however, one glaring fit issue with this top. The neckline is so, so wide on my chest. I’m not sure what happened. I’m pretty sure nothing has stretched out of shape, but it’s practically falling off my shoulders it’s so wide. I think it’s also as a result a bit low. I know my mum had the same fit issue as well, so I’m not alone with this issue. I’ve read some other reviews and I can’t find find anyone else mentioning this issue -tell me I’m not alone?

Despite this, I actually still really love this pattern, and I have some lovely Girl Charlee jersey that I want to make into a Agnes. I think it’s worth making another toile before I cut into my lovely mustard jersey, but I think that if I can crack the fit issue, I’ll be making lots and lots of these in a whole range of basic block colours to brighten up my wardrobe and give me an easy option to wear with skirts, or under jumpers. Watch out for some more Agnes soon….


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