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My third and final Linden

Today I’m going to share one of my plainest makes ever, but something that I have worn and worn since making it a couple of months ago.

I was pretty late to the Linden party, and after seeing lots and lots and lots of versions popping up on Instagram (@sewshesho I’m looking at you!), I bought the pattern, and set about making a few versions. I’ll share my earlier ones another time, but this is my third incarnation of a Linden.

The fabric I used was a lovely quality knit fabric from Fabric Godmother. I picked it up at the Sewmance festival in Brighton in November, and it was I think £10/m.  Its unusual for me to spend quite so much on fabric, as I’m definitely in the “buy cheap fabric” camp, but it had a lovely feel, I only needed 1.5m and I didn’t buy anything else at Sewmance (although I did head off to Fabricland afterwards and really went to town!). It’s a dark navy colour, and was a pleasure to cut with and sew, and has washed really well – perhaps there are benefits to splashing out on nice fabric!

I’d tweaked the pattern to fit between versions 1 and 2, and so version 3 I just sewed up without any further changes. I made a straight 10 and added a little bit of length to the bodice. The pattern is so easy to sew up and as I sew it all on an overlocker, it takes hardly anytime. I can sew this up in less than an hour quite easily now.

I’m torn between the Linden and the Astoria as my fave jumper patterns (read – the only 2 jumper patterns I’ve made), and I’d really like to find something in between. The Linden is still a little loose for my liking, and I’m not sure whether sizing down again would give it a slightly more fitted look. The Astoria on the other hand is very fitted, which I prefer but there are times when a cropped bodice just doesn’t work.

I am also not sure if Lindens really suit my wardrobe. I actually hardly ever wear jumpers. I’m not feeling the cold very much this winter, and I’m often going out with just a shawl on. Jumpers also don’t always go with the rest of my wardrobe which is pretty much fitted dresses and skirts. I think an oversized jumpers looks a little crazy with a dress. I only wear jeans around the house, or very occasionally out if I am going to do something active, and so the scope for wearing a Linden is pretty limited.

Now I have 3 Lindens and I’m starting to think about Spring, I think this might be the last of the Lindens for now. I did buy some lovely scuba for another Linden, but it’s since been made up into a SIO Heather, so although if I saw some nice sweatshirting I might buy it for another Linden, I think for now I’m done with the pattern.


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