2017 Resolutions

No Bread Feb – The conclusion

Apologies for posting this a little late – no excuse other than a fairly hectic couple of weeks!

Here’s the third instalment of my 2017 year of month long challenges update – Last month was No Bread Feb

28 days without bread was HARD (thank goodness I chose the shortest month to go without bread). I am a toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch kinda girl, so giving up bread was possibly harder than No Spend Jan!

It was also really hard when I went out for food as I would usually go for something with bread. I ate out 3 times, where No Bread Feb played a part in making me choose something different that didn’t come with bread, I never realised how many dishes come with a side of bread/pitta etc. Although as a result I choose much healthier options.

I also discovered my love for overnight oats (frozen fruit, milk/yoghurt and oats made before you go to bed), and have eaten copious amounts of frozen fruit in Feb! That was my staple for breakfast, and when I forgot to make overnight oats, either I made porridge, or overnight oats morphed into oats which have soaked for the length of my commute to work!

Lunch was also all about soups, which I had batch cooked at the start of the month and froze, so I had easy lunch options.

After No bread Feb finished, I haven’t eaten all that much bread. Only when I have been out, as I haven’t bothered to make any more bread. I think the whole month did me the world of good and I do feel better for it, so I have hopes that I might cut down on my bread consumption and feel a bit healthier. I haven’t quite finished my love affair with overnight oats yet either and as long as that lasts I can’t see me going back to 6 slices of bread a day anytime soon!

So onto March: March is “Mindfulness March” (I’m not quite sure how much longer I can last with the catchy names!). I was going to write a long self-indulgent blog post about why I felt like March needed to be mindfulness March, but I’m not feeling quite so frazzled by life as I was when I chose to focus on mindfulness in March (perhaps having completed over a week this is a sign it has helped), and I also know people who read this are people I know in real life and I don’t want to share all the details with everyone. Needless to say towards the end of Feb my mind wouldn’t switch off, I was constantly having an inner dialogue with myself for hours and hours and hours without switching off and couldn’t focus on everything else. So I’ve decided to practice a little mindfulness this month.

As always it’ll be back to business as usual with a sewing related post in the next few days, and I’ll report back at the end of the month how I got on.


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