The perfect date night skirt

After having a total moan to my friends about not having enough clothes to wear, I realised what I actually meant was, I don’t have any clothes to wear on a night out for drinks or dinner because I wear all my clothes to work (there isn’t really a dress code in my office) and then they aren’t special enough to wear “out out”. I mentioned this at work and it seemed a fairly common problem. To resolve my issue I decided I was going to make a skirt which would be a going out skirt and too short for work so I wouldn’t wear it into the office.

I’ve blogged before about a skirt I made from a Prima pattern last year, but is far far too short to wear out ever again. Knowing I liked the shape of the skirt, but that it needed length to make it decent (oh the irony of lengthening a pattern to make it short enough that I wouldn’t wear to work!). I used the same pattern again, Prima’s November 2014 pattern, and cut a slightly wide around the size 14 pattern pieces. I then extended the pattern lots to give it additional length. I didn’t cut the waistband because I wanted a contrast waistband.

I used some of the fabric that I bought back last summer from Abakhan in the wine colourway. I love this fabric, and its so easy to work with. This is a super super easy make, no darts, just sew up both side seams and add a waistband. I decided to use a wide piece of black elastic as my waistband, and then finish it with an exposed zip. I just sewed the elastic on to the top of the skirt and then ironed gently to get the seam to fold under nicely. A quick and easy exposed zip, some hand hemming and it was done. Super quick and super satisfying.

I should probably mention at this point that you may have felt like you have since this make before, I know what I like and once I like something I do it to death, so yes I have made a midi skirt, shorts and a top already out of this fabric, all with an exposed zip and the skirt also had the same elastic waistband – sorry not sorry!

I’ve actually worn this skirt out exactly as I have modelled it for the photos on a number of occasions. This is one of my fave RTW tops from Next, and I love wearing this combo. I think it’s dressy enough for the pub or out for a meal, and in this weather I can wear it with tights and black biker boots – the perfect date night outfit.



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