2017 Resolutions

Chasing Pavements – AKA April’s Challenge

So before I tell you about April’s challenge, let me tell you about how much of a flop mindfulness March was.

There were a lot of reasons why I wanted to indulge in a bit of mindfulness in March, but as there became less of a reason to take time out to calm my mind and all the internal chatter that was going on in my head at the beginning of the month, mindfulness dropped off my radar. Compared to Jan and Feb where I gave something up, March was about taking a positive action, and I just didn’t do quite so well at it. Sometimes I forgot, other times life got in the way, and a lot of the time I just couldn’t be bothered. I’m glad I gave it a go, but I probably wont be going back to mindfulness anytime soon. Although part of me does wonder whether practising for the first few days of the month did calm my overactive mind, which would have driven me crazy if it had gone on for much longer.

So onto April’s challenge – AKA “chasing pavements” (I think I’ve run out of ideas for alliteration!). April for the last 7 years has meant one thing only in my world – Marathon month. Whether I’ve run a marathon, marshalled a marathon, watched a marathon, April signals the beginning of Spring and the end of months of winter running. I’ve run 4 marathons so far, but have fallen a little bit out of love with running since running London marathon in 2015. After all that training (and not being pleased with my time), I’ve only really dabbled in running since. I’ve probably run every month, some months more than others, but I haven’t really loved running in the same way since.

So April’s challenge is to run every day. I considered having a distance goal, either running so far each day, or a cumulative total across the 30 days, but this is challenge which will hopefully make me fall back in love with running, and the reason I fell out of love with running in the first place was the constant monitoring of distance, pace, time etc. I also won’t be short of inspiration with both Brighton and London marathon coming up this month. I’ll be going along to support at Brighton as both my dad and my baby brother are running their first marathons (meaning we will be a family of marathon runners if they both cross that finish line!). I cry watching any kind of sporting event, so I’m expecting a super dose of inspiration and tears next Sunday!

I’ve already got off to a flying start: I’ve already been for a run this morning, which actually turned into a bit of a tri session, as I was desperate to ride my bike, so I rode and then went straight for a run afterwards. I don’t expect this level of enthusiasm to last, but 30 consecutive days running will be a huge achievement. To top it all off the last few days of April will be spent in North Wales with my besties, and one has just posted a picture of how lovely the area is for running. So it’ll be nice to round off the month with a run around a beautiful countryside with once of my favourite people. Nicola – don’t forget to pack your running gear!


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