Heathers 2 and 3

So after the total success of my first Sew Over It Heather dress, Heather 2 was sewn up just 2 days afterwards, and Heather 3 came 21 days later. I LOVE this pattern like no other.


After my first Heather I decided to grade down from under the bust to a size 12, which is the first time I’ve graded between sizes, and with side fronts, side back, and pocket pieces to grade it was a real learning curve.

I used the royal blue ponte roma for version 2, which I picked up for £6/m at the Knitting and Stitching Show in the autumn. It was a really stable fabric and sewed up like a dream. I used a zigzag stitch on my regular machine and twin needled the neckband, both sleeves and the hem. I didn’t finish the seams at all as they are neatly cut and won’t fray. Due to only having 1.5m of fabric I had to have 3/4 length sleeves, but I actually think this is my preferred sleeve length. I really love this dress, and it’s another that is going into the “don’t wear for work save it for going out” pile.

I also picked up some mid-weight mustard textured fabric I think probably from Fabricland (but I can’t remember) last year. I love the colour, and decided that as Heather was my new love this could also be another great fabric to use. I kept all the same adjustments as I had made on my blue version. It did cross my mind that as the fabric wasn’t as stable perhaps it wouldn’t work quite as well but I’m really pleased with the result. I sewed this up at my first Sussex Sewing Club session (which I totally loved!) and it only took me the morning to sew it all up.


Again I used my regular machine and a zigzag stitch, as I think the pocket bags would be too difficult to sew accurately on an overlocker. This is the one bit of the pattern that I really don’t like, I find it really difficult to match the front, side front and pocket all neatly and accurately. I have blindly followed the instructions so far, but I think on my next Heather (and there will be another for sure), I am going to have a think about if there is a different order I can sew things to make it easier. – Does anyone have any suggestions?




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