A stripy Molly

After my first Molly dress, it didn’t take me too long to sew up another. Although I don’t mind my first version (love the pattern, don’t love the fabric), I wanted to make another, and one in a more “me” fabric. I bought this navy and white graduated stripe fabric from Fabricland in Brighton back in November, and I wasn’t too sure whether it would make anything wearable as it feel really man made. However I love what I have ended up with.

My first Molly was a little on the short side, so this time I decided I would just add all the length I could and worry about the length later, so I positioned the front and back bodice pieces towards the top of my fabric and added a whopping 7 inches! I tried to think about pattern placement, and although it would be near impossible to pattern match these strips (which I also don’t think run exactly parallel to the grain), I did think about placing the narrower stripes on my waist, and trying to match narrow strips with narrow strips on the front and back pieces. I don’t think I did too bad of a job!

The sleeves are grown on in this pattern, with additional arm pieces. I decided for my own sanity that the stripes would run perpendicular to the strips on the main pieces, so that no pattern matching was needed. I also made sure that the narrower navy strips were in roughly the same position on both sleeves so there was some symmetry.

My neckband is also considerably wider on this Molly as well, and by using a mainly navy piece of fabric I think it looks rather good (and its really even – I might be getting good at this!).

I sewed this dress up on my regular sewing machine with a zigzag stitch and then overlocked the seams individually. I used a twin needle to top stitch the neckband, and also I used a twin needle to hem the sleeves. But I have a confession to make I  was rushing and not thinking and the 2 lines of parallel stitching are in the inside of the sleeves – Doh! I couldn’t unpick these seems very easily because its sunk right into the fabric, so I figured if I couldn’t see the stitching to unpick it, no one else would notice, I have zigzag stitching on my sleeve hems – who cares?!

So once I had nearly finished the dress I tried it on and it came to my mid-calf, 7 inches is a lot to add on! I know I wanted it around my knee, so I decided to take some scissors to it and cut off where I wanted it to sit, following a stripe as I cut. As I went around the dress and then onto the back piece the fact that the stripes don’t run totally straight became a nightmare and I managed to cut a huge amount off. I now had a very large off cut, and a very wonky hem of a dress that was shorter than my other Molly. At this point I wondered whether I should turn it into a top, but I really wanted another comfy jersey dress, so I left it, had a cup of tea and came back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. I decided my off cut could be a rather large hem band. As it was the same circumference as the dress as long as I didn’t stretch any piece I thought it would be ok. So I folded the off cut in half overlooked it to the dress and then used a twin needle to run around the hem of the dress to make sure that it lay flat. I thought this “design feature” might really annoy me, but it doesn’t bother me one bit now.

I really like the easiness of a Molly, and the fit, especially on the top half for me. I haven’t got any more planned, but I’m sure it’s a pattern I’ll come back to in the future.




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