A gifted pattern and the perfect dress

Aren’t sewers  a lovely bunch? Way back this time last year Ali (@robinsnest1926) was looking for a good home for a pattern that had come free with a magazine she had bought, but wouldn’t use because the pattern was sizes 16+. The pattern was so lovely, so Ali kindly sent me the pattern – Thanks Ali!

Its taken me a few months to sew up, (and a further 9 months to take some photos to go with this post I wrote back last summer – sorry!) purely because this fabric was originally earmarked for another pattern, but I didn’t have quite enough fabric for my original choice. Well things certainly happen for a reason, because this red poppy fabric was made for this dress. You know when you have that ultimate fabric and pattern combo and it makes the most stunning dress – well that’s how I feel about this dress.

The pattern, a Threadcount 1501, has a round necked lined bodice, a full knee-length skirt with both inverted box  pleats and gathers. I spent a little extra time on this dress as I really enjoyed making this. Usually I am not a fan of lining a bodice, and will usually finish the raw edges with bias binding or a facing, but I chose a soft white cotton fabric to line the bodice. All my seams on the main dress and the lining are also all overlocked, and finally I hand stitched the hem. I never to do this ever, but a Sunday morning watching the telly and stitching this in pace felt like a really satisfying way to finish my make.

I made this up in a straight size 16, and sewed with a fairly large seem allowance, probably more like 7/8th of an inch, all over to make it just a bit smaller. Having got this dress out again for this summer it’s a bit looser than it was when I put it away, but still totally wearable. I did take a fair amount off the bottom of the skirt to make sure that it finished just above the knee.

I love this dress, it has made me smile every time I open my wardrobe this week and cant wait to wear it throughout the summer. I think this is going to be  long love affair with this dress, and hope it will see me through many  summer parties, and also days in the office when a bit of colour is needed. Thank you so so much Ali for being kind enough to give me this pattern, it has definitely gone to a good home!

If you wondered why the photos took so long to get, I rent a cherry tree, and wanted some photos by it for this blog post, well when we went to pick our cherries last July, I wore this hoping for some good weather to get the photos and it rained, no good for getting photos! We have just visited the tree again when it’s in full blossom, so that it why I’m standing in a cherry orchard and wearing lots of cherry accessories! Check out below for an out-take of last summer wearing this dress in the rain.



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