2017 Resolutions

May’s Challenge

So April was all about running, and I did it. I ran every single day for April! I had days where I was sun burnt, had been on my feet all day, had a super busy work day, or spent an entire day driving to Wales. It didn’t matter, I still ran! Not far and sometimes not fast, but I completed my challenge 100%. I did find in week 3 my legs felt very heavy and some runs were really painful, so I didn’t run far. I wore some questionable running outfits when my favourite running stuff was in the wash, and on more than one occasion I resorted to running in a tri-suit with a built in bra because I didn’t have a clean bra! My other main concern was washing my hair after every run. Jenny (@silverbellsandcockleshells) gave me some great advice about running during the evening one day and then running the next morning, and washing your hair only after your second run. I tried this but couldn’t get on with it, however I did most of my weekend runs and most of week 4 runs like this with the added benefit of giving my legs a good amount of rest between a morning run and the next evening run.

This has been my fave challenge so far this year!

So as every sewer knows May is Me Made May. I’ve already blogged my MMMay17 pledge, but I wanted to tie in my challenge to a sewing challenge this month. So I am pledging to sew regularly, a bit of a “little and often” ethos. I’m aiming to do around half an hour a day, and focus on finishing all my UFOs, and projects which just need hemming, a zip inserting, or which have been cut out ready to sew for a good few months and I just haven’t got round to sewing them up. I’m also hoping that there will be a few quick makes in there which will help get rid of some of my stash!

So although I might not sew every single day, I want to sew on average 30minutes a day, and sew most days. No binging during the weekend and counting that!

Let’s see what I accomplish over the month. Fingers crossed for a smaller stash, a few new items, and some refashions by the next May bank holiday -wish me luck.



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