Me Made May

Me Made May 2017 Final Thoughts

So every sewers favourite month has been and gone for another year. Me Made May hosted by @SoZo has just finished, and despite having grand plans (which I enthusiastically blogged about), didn’t quite happen. I pledged to wear Me Made every day, and although I do already do that about 90% of the time, the pressure of Me Made May made me feel like I wanted to rebel and not wear Me Made. Apart from one day (a working from home day), I wore Me Made every day in May, but where I feel like I failed, and I know this isn’t what MMMay is about, is that I didn’t actually document my month over on Instagram (@chloelouisew89). so because I didn’t take photos of my outfit every day, I feel like I didn’t really take part and failed – I know, silly right?!

But there is also the reflection that MMMay affords you: what doesn’t work in your wardrobe; what works so well you need to sew more; what items have you fallen out of love with etc. I have given my first Me Made item to the charity shop (well I’ve put it in the pile for the charity shop). I’ve found repairs that need doing in a couple of items, decided to refashion my polka dot coco dress into a top, and thrown a pair of trousers where the zip just wouldn’t work properly (more because of the way the fabric pulls rather than the zip itself). I also need to decide whether it bothers me that my lounging around the house gear isn’t Me Made, and do I want to spend my precious sewing time sewing stuff that never gets worn out the house?

So although I don’t feel like I took part fully in MMMay17 I have made some changes to my wardrobe as a result, and knowing that most of the time I automatically reach for Me Made clothes gives me huge satisfaction.
Now that Me Made May is over, what is the next sewing challenge you are taking part in?


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