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May’s Sewing Challenge – The Results

So off the back of a super successful April challenge, May brought with it the promise of sewing through my ever growing stash, and finishing some of my entyernal UFOs. Coupled with big plans for Me Made May (read my round up over here), I was sure that May was going to be a great sewing month. However it didn’t quite turn out like that.

May begun pretty busily. I came back from a few days in Wales and a week off work, and it just didn’t let up. I did try and sew for 30minutes most of the days where I was actually at home, but there was a week when unless I was sleeping I just wasn’t at home.  I also have got into a really really bad habit of starting lots of projects, but not actually finishing much at all. Only last night I cut out 2 more projects, worked on a shirt dress, and pinned some bits for hemming. Despite making progress with 5 items I didn’t actually finish any. I think its the allure of a new project, and the promise of a new piece for my wardrobe that excites me more than the sewing at the moment.

I did however make one huge change to my sewing routine this month, and I totally rearranged my sewing room. In my previous sewing room I loved the layout and spending time in there. So when I moved I set up my new sewing room in a very similar layout, but it just didn’t work. So on a whim (and encouraged by @two_wednesdays) I moved every single bit of furniture around, and I am really pleased with the result. Perhaps this might mean I spend more time in the sewing room.

So I don’t think my May challenge was a huge success, but it certainly wasn’t as much of a disaster as March’s challenge!

June brings another fitness challenge, as I am going to attempt to reach at least 10,000 steps a day for the whole of June. Some days when I am working from home, I don’t leave the house and as my kitchen, living room, dining room and bathroom are all on the same level, I don’t even have to climb the stairs very often. So hopefully June’s challenge will get me moving more. I’ve bought a FitBit especially, and I’m looking forward to being able to monitor my progress. I’m looking forward to another really measurable goal as well. So wish me luck and check back here at the end of June to see how I got on.


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