Holiday Palazzo Pants

I’m well aware that there are some people in my life who think I have a fairly “out there” style, but I’m so over caring what others think (in fact I know my brother is one of those people, and therefore I like to wear the most outrageous outfits when I see him!). When you sew your own clothes and have so much choice of fabrics and prints to choose from, it would be rude not to explore lots of different prints to see what works and what doesn’t work. As soon as I saw this on EBay (£3.99/m from the textile centre) I knew it would make an amazing pair of wide legged trousers. I had a couple of patterns in mind, but eventually chose the GBSB Palazzo pants from the From Stitch to Style book, because I knew they fitted from my previous pair, and I knew they were a breeze to sew up.

The fabric is quite slippery, but didn’t cause me any problems to sew with. I cut a straight size 14, but made the seam allowances about 2cm all over, apart from the  centre back, as I’ve lost a bit of weight since sewing up my blue pair last year. As always I made my own waistband, which I cut as a 10inch wide band, and then folded in half to give a finished waistband of 4.5inches. After much internal deliberation I didn’t interface the waistband, as I wasn’t too sure how the drape would have been affected by interfacing. I’m not sure this was the right decision, but I’m not up with the hassle of adding it in now, so it’ll stay like it is.

I finished most of the inside seams with pinking shears, as I didn’t want to add any bulk to the seam lines by overlocking it together as the fabric has so much drape and I wanted to retain that. I did really struggle with the top-stitching on the waistband. I tried to stitch it in the ditch and tried about 4 times before I gave up and slip stitched it to the waist seam. It just wouldn’t sit properly. As a compromise I then sewed a triple stitch around the top of the waistband about 2cm from the top to make sure it didn’t keep trying to twist out.

The trouser bottoms are also hemmed with 2 parallel lines of triple stitch about 2cm and 3cm from the bottom. I wanted to make sure that the hems were really sturdily stitched as I know that these will drag on the floor and wear out over time, so anything I can do to give them a bit of extra strength I was willing to do.  Finally there is an invisible 14inch side zip in these palazzo pants.

I think these would look amazing on holiday as an evening outfit. However because I don’t have a get away in the sun booked yet for this year, they came on a very windy trip to Wales with me. As you can see from the photos I had sea and sandy beaches and I definitely looked like I belonged in sunkissed Barcelona, but unfortunately we weren’t blessed with sun when taking these photos, so a huge thumbs up for the location, but sorry that the the photos might appear a bit dark.



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