About Me


Thanks for stopping by. However your have stumbled across my blog, I hope that you enjoy reading it.

I’m Chloe, and sewing has been my hobby for as long as I can remember. I got my first sewing machine for Christmas aged 6, and since I was treated to a lovely new Brother sewing machine for my 21st birthday I’ve been sewing pretty solidly ever since. After all, what greater pleasure is there then someone commenting on your outfit only to reply that you made it!

I’d say that my style is pretty eclectic, and I like to sew everything from the full skirts of the 50’s to the shift dresses of the 60’s. I’m a big fan of patterns (as I am sure you can tell by my makes).

My plan is to document my makes, and keep a bit of a record of what I liked about each pattern, and what I’d change next time. I enjoy reading a lot of sewing blogs, and I love how friendly the sewing community is. I’m always getting ideas on what pattern to try next, or how to pattern hack from other blogs and I’m hoping that this blog might inspire someone else to try something new too.




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